Voltalis Solutions

Solutions that benefit everyone

Power grids & utilities

Unlock new flexible capacities
to participate in Demand Response markets, both at national and local levels.

Power retailers

Create new and disruptive offers to engage and retain customers.

Cities & major
electricity consumers

Achieve carbon reduction targets and reduce power bills by curtailing peak electricity demand.


Embed Voltalis technology into products to offer smart, connected devices at the most competitive prices.

100% free solution

Automatically save energy without any hassle or impact on comfort, while easily tracking and managing power consumption.

Solutions for a wide range of businesses

  • Substitute to
    thermal power plant
  • Demand response
  • Ancillary services
  • Spot Market production
  • Renewable integration
  • PV self-consumption
  • Peak demand
  • Congestion management
  • Home energy
    management & Apps
  • Alert
  • Remote control
  • Virtual thermostat
  • Comparison
    & Advice

Cutting-edge aggregation platform

Voltalis electricity aggregation platform

Real time algorithms

Aggregation perimeter
Machine learning
Self-consumption management

Aggregation management

Control room
Participant management
Installation monitoring
Back office
Real time databases
Power retailers

MyVoltalis: mobile app for end-users power consumption monitoring and electric heating control

  • Energy consumption balance, eco-gestures and energy savings
  • Consumption monitoring in kWh and Euros
  • Control and program electric heating, room by room
  • Weather effect
Energy is our Future, let's save it
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