Voltalis in France

Voltalis in France

More than 150,000 homes and commercial buildings in France are already equipped with our devices. This means huge benefits for the national power grid: our customers provide services equivalent to that of a thermal power plant every day - but with zero CO2 emissions.

Voltalis in the UK

Voltalis in the UK

We are deploying our platform at scale thanks to funding from the UK government. In addition to catering to nationwide flexibility needs, Voltalis is able to offer local flexibility to Distribution System Operators. We are also offering tailor-made local flexibility to the island of Jersey.

Voltalis in Slovenia

Voltalis rolled out its solution to connect and operate heat pumps in Slovenia: scheduling and performing the installations, providing its Home Energy Management System, and operating their Demand Response capacities from its control centre.

Voltalis in Belgium

Voltalis is part of the IO.ENERGY platform launched by the Belgium TSO to develop the energy services of tomorrow, including Voltalis’ Demand Response platform that is rolled out to Belgian consumers.

Voltalis in Finland

Finnish households and shops equipped with Voltalis’ devices were successfully activated by the Finish electricity grid operator, reaching more than 5MW, to help balance the production and consumption of power in the country (mFFR).

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