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The purpose of these General Conditions of Use is to define the modalities for making the Website available, as well as the terms and conditions of use by the Internet user. The General Conditions of Use apply to any access and consultation of the Website by an Internet user. Words beginning with a capital letter are defined under the “Definitions” section.

  • Company: means Voltalis SA.
  • Content: means any element providing information on the Website, including texts, images, videos, graphics, links, etc.
  • General Conditions of Use: means these General Conditions of Use.
  • Internet User: means any person or corporation, logging in or using the Website.
  • Personal Data: means the names, addresses, telephone and email contact information of Internet users or in general any information that may be collected and held by  for the management of the customer relationship, for the purposes of answering information requests, of analysis and of statistics.
  • Website: means the website accessible at the address: or

The Internet User acknowledges that he was aware of these General Conditions of Use at the time of his consultation and use of the Website and expressly declares that he accepts them without reservation. These General Conditions of Use may be amended or supplemented at any time, without notice: the applicable General Conditions of Use are therefore those in force and accessible on the Website on the date when the Internet User accessed the Website.



The Website is intended to provide information on all activities and services offered by the Company or by selected partners, and to collect expressions of interest or requests for additional information from Internet Users.

In addition, the Company strives to provide as accurate and up-to-date information on the Website as possible. However, the Company shall not be held responsible for any omissions, inaccuracies and deficiencies in the update, as a result whether of his own action or omission, or from information provided by third-party partners.

All information on the Website is given as an indication, is not exhaustive and may change. This information is subject to changes made after its online disclosure.


The Website is freely accessible to Internet Users at all times and the Company makes its best efforts to make it available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the Company shall not be held responsible for the consequences resulting from interruptions or modifications resulting from technical maintenance that may be decided from time to time by the Company, such maintenance neither being subject to prior information of Internet Users, nor entitling them to compensation.

The Website is housed with a provider located on the territory of the European Union, in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”). The host is committed to ensuring the continuity of its service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it may have to interrupt the hosting service for the shortest possible durations, notably for maintenance purposes, infrastructure improvements, infrastructure failures, or in case the Website generates anomalous traffic.

The Company and the host shall not be held responsible for Internet network, telephone lines, computer, and/or telephone equipment failures, for instance in case of network congestion preventing the access to the server.

The Website uses, amongst others, JavaScript technology. The Company shall not be held responsible for damage to property in relation with the use of the Website. In addition, the Internet User commits to access the Website using newer, virus-free hardware, with a state-of-the-art regularly updated Internet browser.


The Website is a work of the mind protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code and applicable international regulations. The Internet User shall not in any way reuse, assign or exploit all or part of the Website’s elements or works for his own account, unless explicitly agreed by the Company.

The Company owns the intellectual property rights and/or holds the rights to use the items available on the Website, including texts, images, graphics, logos, videos, icons, sounds, infographics (the “Content”)… Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the Website, regardless of the means or process used, is prohibited, unless prior written approval by the Company. Any unauthorised exploitation of either the Website, or the Content shall be an infringement, and may be qualified as a criminal offence pursuant to Articles L.335-2 and seq. of the Intellectual Property Code.

The Internet User and/or, in general, any third party, either individuals or legal persons, shall not be permitted to use the Website for any purpose other than for the purposes of consultation and/or information requests. The use of either automated systems or software to extract data from the Website for commercial or purposes is strictly prohibited, unless with the Company’s consent.

The Company reserves the right to implement at any time any protection system that it deems useful to prevent any system and software, whether automated or not, as well as any attempt from extracting or collecting data from the Website. The Company further reserves the right to take, without prior notice, any lawful action necessary to prevent, to stop and to sanction any infringement of the Company’s rights attached to the services and to the Website, including in the context of legal proceedings.


The Company, as the publisher of the Website, is responsible for the quality and veracity of the Content it makes available.

However and subject to applicable public policy provisions, the Company shall not be responsible for any direct and indirect damage caused to the Internet User’s equipment during access to the Website, resulting either from the use of equipment that does not meet the specifications of paragraph 4.2, or from the appearance of a bug or an incompatibility.

The Company shall not be responsible either for indirect damage (such as a loss of contract, or a loss of a chance) as a result of the use of the Website.



The Website contains a number of hyperlinks to other websites, set up with the authorization of their owners. The Company shall not be responsible for the content of these websites, as not being their publisher.



A “cookie” is a small information file sent to the Internet browser of the Internet User and recorded on his device (e.g. computer, tablet, mobile phone…) (hereafter “Cookies“). This file includes information such as the domain name, the Internet service provider of the Internet User, the Internet User’s operating system, as well as the date and time of access. Cookies are not likely to damage the User’s device, and only the cookie issuer can read or change the information that it contains.


The Company may process the Internet User’s information about his visit to the Website, such as the pages viewed, and the searches carried out. This information allows the Company to improve the accessibility of the Website, the navigation of the Internet Users, and/or the Content offered.

The Internet User can either set up his browser to accept Cookies that aim to facilitate the Website navigation or the provision of services offered by the Website, so that these Cookies are registered in the device or, conversely, reject them automatically or in respect of their issuer. The Internet User can also set up his navigation software so that the acceptance or refusal of Cookies is offered to him on an ad hoc basis, before a Cookie may be registered in his device. In this case, the Company shall inform the Internet User that some features of its navigation software may not be available.

The Internet User acknowledges that his browsing and/or his experience on the Website may be limited, slowed down or otherwise affected, if he refuses to register Cookies in its device or browser, or if he deletes registered Cookies. This could also be the case where either the Website or one of its providers cannot recognize, for technical compatibility reasons, the type of browser used by the device, the language or  display settings, or the country from which the device appears to be connected to the Internet.

The Company shall not be responsible for degraded operation of the Website and/or of the services offered by the Website, resulting from:

(i) the Internet User’s refusal of Cookies, and/or

(ii)‘s inability to register or consult the Cookies necessary to the correct operation of the Website and of the services, due to the Internet User’s choice.


The browser configurations differ for the management of Cookies, and for the Internet User’s choices. The browser’s help menu will describe and let the Internet User know how he can change his Cookie wishes. For example, here are the links to the help pages of some major Internet browsers:

At any time, the Internet User can either express, or modify his Cookie settings.

The Website may use the services of external providers to help the Website collect and process the information described in this “Cookie Management” section.

If the Internet User accepted Cookies by continuing to browse the Website or the mobile application, and if the Internet User clicked on the icons dedicated to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn appearing on the Website, Cookies could also be implemented by these social networks’ websites on the Internet User’s devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

These types of Cookies shall only be implemented on these devices if the Internet User previously consented to them by continuing to browse the Website or the mobile application. At any time, however, the Internet User may retract his consent to the implementation of this type of Cookies by the Website.


The Website may occasionally use Internet tags (also called “tags” or action tags, one-pixel GIFs, transparent GIFs, invisible GIFs, and one-by-one GIFs) and deploy them through a specialist web analytics partner that may be located (and thus that may store the relevant information, including the Internet User’s IP address) in a foreign country.

These tags can be placed both in online advertisements allowing the Internet Users to access the Website, as well as on the different pages of the Website.

This technology allows the Website to track Internet Users’ behavior on the Website and the effectiveness of the Website’s marketing and/or commercial actions (e.g., the number of times a page is opened, the type of information consulted, the duration of the connection to the Website…) as well as the use of this Website by the Internet User. An external provider will eventually be able to collect information about visitors to the Website and other websites through these tags, compile reports on the Website’s activity for the Company, and provide other services related to the use of the Website.


Any claim shall be addressed to the Company either via the contact forms available on the Website, or directly by email at the address or by mail, at: Voltalis – 75 Avenue des Champs-Élysées – 75008 Paris – France.


These General Conditions of Use and any dispute in relation to the use of the Website are subject to French law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts.