13 June 2023 Press releases

Following its call for tenders launched on March 13, French DSO Enedis has selected Voltalis to provide a local flexibility service mainly in Paris’ 15th, 16th, 14th and 7th arrondissements and in Lyon area. This service will optimize local power supply and support both Paris and Lyon inhabitants energy sobriety!

Local flexibilities are becoming an important lever to improve the performance of electricity distribution networks in France. This involves adapting consumption or production of electricity for a given period, in order to reduce and better distribute demands on the network – e.g., during reinforcement work or unplanned outages. To activate local flexibilities, Enedis relies on dedicated calls for tender to flexibility service providers.

Paris’ public electricity distribution network boasts superior reliability. 100% underground and highly automated, it is one of the most resilient in the world. Enedis intends to pursue this commitment to resilience and innovation in the French capital. As such, Enedis applies flexibility solutions only for the most critical network events, avoiding the use of generators whenever possible For example, following its latest call for tenders, Enedis chose Voltalis’ solution to provide a local flexibility service in the Paris-Convention area.

Voltalis’ intelligent electricity consumption management system enables customers to better control their electricity consumption while also contributing to the security of the public electricity distribution network. At Enedis’ request, Voltalis can briefly reduce the electricity consumption of the most energy-intensive appliances (air conditioning, heating, etc.) in homes equipped with its solution, whenever required by the network, while guaranteeing comfort for occupants. Power consumers thus have the opportunity to enhance the resilience of local grids while averting the need for extra generation, thereby supporting CO2 emissions reduction efforts.

More information on: www.flexibilites-enedis.fr

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