The leading demand response technology
for residential and commercial buildings

Voltalis’ unique technology helps power systems rely less on emissions-heavy power plants, while providing a smart way for businesses and households to save energy
  • + 200 000
    Equipped sites
  • < 2 sec
    Response time
  • #1 Flexibility
    Market Operator
  • + 500 Partners
  • 100% In house


We help homes and businesses play their part in the energy transition

Voltalis supports and helps consumers and businesses contribute towards the transformation of the global energy sector. Our unique Demand Response technology enables positive contributions to the power system: by smartly curtailing a building’s energy consumption, we help power systems avoid the use of CO2-emitting power plants.

We operate through short interruptions at individual scale – without impact on residents’ comfort levels – and dynamically aggregate them to provide significant value to power systems: increased energy security, cheaper power and reduced CO2 emissions.


Our smart devices provide a solution to link flexible consumption with the power system

More than 14 years of R&D has enabled us to create a link between flexible power consumption and energy systems. Our in-house technology covers all aspects of Demand Response, including smart devices in participant buildings, dedicated Home Energy Management Systems for our participants, and a central control room connected to power markets.

We are the first company to have unlocked this potential at scale, with more than 200,000 homes and businesses connected.

Today, we have the ambition to install 3 million more homes and businesses within 5 to 7 years, in France and in Europe, thanks to the support of our shareholder Meridiam.

Energy is our Future, let's save it
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