Voltalis’ success story in France

How Demand Response can add value to both the electricity system and participants?

Key facts

  • + 200 000
    Equipped sites
  • + 10 years
    of operations
  • 85% of the demand
    response market
  • > 75% customer

Voltalis’ success story
in France

How we add value for the electricity system and end-users

Operations on all markets…

Voltalis has pioneered selling flexibility to the power system in France, encompassing all electricity markets. We were certified by the French TSO from as far back as 2008 to provide market balancing services, and are now certified to provide primary reserve services - the most demanding ancillary services in France, to participate on the Capacity Market and, crucially, to bid on the day-ahead spot market.

…including the day-ahead market

Since 2015, Voltalis can bid on the wholesale day-ahead market. We do so daily, selling significant blocks of power reduction that are equivalent to power production. This ultimately contributes to a cheaper price of power for everyone, especially in times of high demand.

Strong Customer Engagement

We reach out to participants thanks to partners such as cities, landlords, retailers, amont others. As Voltalis is paid by the power system for its services, consumers can benefit from this solution for free. So far we have installed 200,000 households and businesses.

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