MyVoltalis: mobile application for energy savings

The only full free solution of power consumption monitoring and electric heating control

The most advanced mobile app to save energy and support the electrical system


Energy consumption balance, eco-gestures and energy savings

Control and program electric heating, room by room

Consumption monitoring

Consumption target and personal target

Contribute in real time to the safety of the electrical system


Control and program electric heating with a smart thermostat


Precise temperature monitoring

Smart heating programs, room by room

• Quick modes to control the whole house with just one click

Power consumption monitoring


Weekly, Monthly and Yearly consumption, in kWh and €

Real time consumption

Consumption comparison

Energy and CO2 emissions savings

Weather effect

Detailed distribution per heating appliance

Power consumption disaggregation per category

Alert end consumers in real time about network issues


MyVoltalis embarks Ecowatt, alert system from french TSO

Real time « red alerts » displayed on MyVoltalis to inform consumers

A special heating mode allows consumers to switch their heaters automatically in an Eco mode during the peak alerts

Energy is our Future, let's save it
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