04 October 2022 Press releases

Paris, October the 3rd 2022

  • Voltalis has been selected by the French Energy Transition Ministry – via its Demand-Turn Down Tender (‘Appel d’Offres Effacement’) – to roll out the Voltalis solution to reach 721MW capacity by 2025, to support the French power systems to at least 2032.
  • Voltalis has been awarded 94% of contracted MW awarded to domestic and commercial buildings (below 1MW).
  • 10-year revenues visibility enables Voltalis to invest massively and accelerate the rollout of its technology, which will be deployed in 450,000 households at no cost to the end user.
  • The Voltalis solution will support French energy consumption reduction targets while also contributing to the country’s energy security.

France has prioritised the development of flexible consumption to combat the climate emergency while ensuring French citizens’ security of electricity supply.

Demand-Side Response (DSR) reduces CO2 emissions, improves households’ disposable income, and secures power networks. It can be activated quickly to limit the risks associated with the energy crisis in the short term and, in the medium term, make the energy transition a success in France as well as in the rest of the world.

The Voltalis DSR solution – already installed in over 150,000 buildings – allows households and businesses to optimise their electricity consumption throughout the year, and to reduce it at the most useful times for the electricity network.

The 10-year visibility provided by this award allows Voltalis, with the support of its majority shareholder Meridiam, to secure financing to invest in the rollout of Voltalis’ technology to 450,000 homes, this at no cost to the end user. Beyond this award, Voltalis and Meridiam aim to equip one million homes within three years. Voltalis’ DSR capacity will then be the equivalent of two nuclear reactors, covering 40% of the national peak flexibility target set by the Board of European Energy Ministers on 30th September 2022.

“DSR responds to the challenges we are facing today: climate change, cost of living and energy security. The Demand Turn-Down tender from the Ministry of the Energy Transition allows this new sector to change scale. It also reinforces our position as European leader and confirms the interest and robustness of our solution”, says Mathieu Bineau, Voltalis CEO.

Contact: Eleonore Glendinning – eleonore.glendinning@voltalis.com

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